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Mark Wyman
Mark Wyman

Mark Wyman Construction, LLC, is a small, family-owned and operated decking and fencing company that provides artisan craftsmanship at journeyman prices and takes pride in old-fashioned customer service.

At 2-5 employees depending upon the season, Mark Wyman Construction offers true personalized service. The owner is the sales contact as well as the installer, and we work with our clients every step of the way to ensure that design and function meet their needs.

From hand-selecting your lumber to leaving your jobsite spotless, we offer the kind of individual attention large companies can’t afford to provide – and our low overhead means lower prices for you.

ccproducts_logoIn 2009, Mark Wyman Construction had the honor of taking over the installation business wing of Custom Cedar Products of Portland. At that time, we inherited a 35-yearlong client base, having earned the owner’s trust – an owner who has worked with hundreds of contractors over the years and chose us.

Mark Wyman Construction is the lead referral contractor, for Custom Cedar Products Inc. Mark happily has shown a vast and growing knowledge of fence installation, accompanied by his good natured, honest personality. Mark Wyman of Mark Wyman Construction has earned my full endorsement.
– Chris Bilyeu, Owner, Custom Cedar Products Inc.

Find out more about the services we provide, see a gallery of our work, then call 503.730.6265 or email to schedule a quote today.

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